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HELP/FAQ: Customers ask – We answer

Hilfe / FAQHere you can find a lot of useful information about items, the order process and lots more...

If you can't find a suitable answer to your question below, please contact us.


  1. Do you deliver abroad?
  2. Do you roll posters before sending them to the customers?
  3. Can I pay per invoice?
  4. What is PayPal?
  5. How does work?
  6. How can I use my voucher(s)?
  7. Do you deliver to Packstation, too?
  8. Do you pass on my details to third parties?
  9. My shopping basket isn't showing any items!?
  10. What t-shirt size should I order?
  11. My package is empty!?
  12. Online order
  13. My delivery was incorrect! What can I do?
  14. How can I return an item?
  15. How can I unsubscribe the newsletter(s)?


  1. Do you Deliver abroad?

    Of course we do! You can conveniently pay by PayPal, money transfer or credit card. Please consider the different delivery costs, which are dependend on the selected country.


  1. Do you roll posters before sending them to the customers?

    All posters are flat and come to you professionally rolled without folds and creases. Just a few posters come folded, but this is the exception and is always stated in the description.

  2. Can I pay per invoice?

    No, paying on account is not possible. But we offer a huge variety of payment methods instead:
    - credit card or ELV: We debit your account/ credit card. That is easy and very safe due to SSL-encryption.
    - PayPal: The fast and safe payment method of the future.
    - Pre-payment: You transfer the money and as soon as we have the money on our account we send your packet (like on ebay).
    - Cash on delivery: You pay all costs at the post when receiving the packet Consider the additional DHL costs of 6 €! (only German addresses
    - Direct money tranfer: New and innovative payment method with TÜV certificate and certificated privacy policy.

  3. What is PayPal?

    PayPal is the online payment method, which can be used to pay for your purchases within a few clicks.
    Your advantage: PayPal guarantees the payment and we can send your packet immediately, without having to wait for long bank process times. Futhermore you pay without any fees and risks, because your account and credit card details are securely stored.
    Futher information can be seen at

  4. How does work? is a new and innovative payment method with the German TÜV certificate and certified privacy of data. Sofortueberweisung was developed by Payment Network AG and implemented in various online shops already. With the safe and for retailers not accessable payment form does the transfer of your online account automatically and immediately. The value of your purchase is transfered to the retailer’s account straight away.
    Further information can be found at

  5. How can I use my voucher(s)?

    If you received a voucher, you can use the voucher code within the order process when you purchase in our online shop. You will be asked automatically, if you have any voucher codes.

  6. Do you deliver to Packstation, too?

    Yes, we deliver to Packstations. But the maximum size for deliveries is 60 x 35 x 35 cm. This means we are unable to send posters tp Packstations. Sorry, DHL obviously didn’t consider poster delivery.

  7. Do you pass on my details to third parties?

    You will find all information to handling your data in the section “'privacy'” in our T&C's. In principle,  we do not pass on any of our customer's addresses to other dealers. Here you will find our data protection regulations

  8. My shopping basket isn't showing any items!?

    The problem probably lies with your browser properties. If you don’t allow any cookies your basket can’t be filled with more than one item.

How do I activate my cookies?

Internet Explorer 4/5:
Extras/Internet options/Security/Internet;
accept cookies, activate saved ones;
accept activation of cookies each session.

Internet Explorer 6/7:
Extras/Internet options/Privacy/More, then deactivate automatic cookie treatment, accept cookies without prompt, always allow session cookies.

Netscape Communicator:
Edit/Settings/More/Accept all cookies

Key F12/ allow cookies

Mozilla Firefox:
Tools / Settings / Privacy/ Cookies / Accept cookies


  1. What t-shirt size should i order?

    Unfortunately it isn't possible for us to describe all the sizes of our shirts in detail, as there are no standard sizes. This depends on the country of origin and the manufacturer and can vary considerably.


  1. My package is empty!?

    Did you have a thorough look inside the grey corrugated paper? To avoid kinks and crinkles we pack our posters in this special paper. We also use filling paper, so please make sure you have a close look.
    You can contact us at

  2. Online order:

    You ALWAYS receive an order confirmation per email. If this is not the case, then your order wasn’t sent correctly to us.
    With pre-payment: Please ensure that you fill in the reason for your payment and your order number and full name on the withdrawal.

  3. my delivery was incorrect! what can i do?

    Please contact our complaints department:

  4. How can I return an item?

    Please use the return voucher attached to your delivery. Before you return any itmes to us, it is advisadble to contact us first: These are of course not immediately necessary conditions for the right of revocation, but should serve to make the transaction easier for you.

  5. How can I unsubscribe the newsletter(s)?

    You can either login to your My Close Up account and edit your recent newsletter status there, or you can use the unsubscription link within every newsletter.


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