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Minecraft- A world of blocks!

The Alfa version of Minecraft came out in 2009, then on November 18th 2011 Minecraft was released to the masses in a full version.

Meanwhile it has become a cult game around the world. The open world game was created by the Swedish programmer Markus “Notch” Persson with his company Majang. In 2014 Minecraft was bought by Microsoft. Aside from the PC version there is also a jos, Android and Xbox version. For all versions there are regular updates which add more items, animes, or landscapes to the game.


Finding original licensed Minecraft merchandise is hard, but here at Close Up you can find lots of original fan products such as T-shirts, Poster, and more.


A must have for every fan is the Pickaxe made of foam. It’s life sized and can be used to “mine” at home.  

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