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“Let it go! Let it go!” Don’t hold back and enjoy this fan shop, with all its posters, t-shirts, mugs and more. In our Frozen fan shop, you can find pillows with Elsa and Anna, or T-shirts, blankets, plates, clocks and action figures of your favourite characters.


About Frozen:

Frozen is an animated Disney film which came out in 2013, and blew the audience away. It is the story of two sisters, who loose their parents at an early age. The older of the sisters (Elsa) has magic powers and can turn anything into ice, but since she does not know how to use her powers she is locked away into her room until she is crowned queen. On the day of the coronation Elsa has a fight with her sister Anna, and turns the land to snow and runs off. Anna goes off to find her sister and bring her back. As they fight Anna is hit in the heart with an ice blast, turning her into ice. Only true love can save her.


The story of Frozen is loosely based on the fairy tale “The Snow Queen” from Hans Christian Andersen.

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