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 Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad

Poster and fan merchandise for the Tv series Breaking Bad can be found here. Aside from Close Up has T-shirts, mugs, note books, action figures and other cool merchandise.


Breaking Bad and it’s fandom are huge! We are also fans of the US TV series and have got a great collection of fan articles for you. Check out our assortment of posters to the series, they come from all over the world.


To the TV series: What would you do if you’re life was turned upside down? Walter White has cancer, a disabled child, a pregnant wife and no money.


Walter knows that he will not live long, and so he looks for a way to make some money so he can pay off his medical bills and leave something behind for his family. As a chemistry teacher at a highschool it is impossible to make enough money to cover everything.  Walter White starts making and selling Chrystal Meth. Together with his former student they build a drug empire. Walter White is known as the drug Lord Heisenberg.


The show has won multiple Emmys. 

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