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About us

Who we are
About us
Close Up was established in 1987 as a mail-order-companyfor posters and postcards.
After a couple of years we started to expand our business dealing with resellers.
Today Close Up is one of the most important mailorder- and wholesale-companies specialized in selling of posters and merchandise of movies, music, gamesand fun. We have a wide range of products: a large variety of posters, textiles and also action figures, mugs, notebooks & stationery, keyrings and accessories. Selected fun, eye-catching and particular items and products for every occasion, such as Halloween and Carnival or Christmas complete our vast assortment.
Company's Philosophy
Close Up keeps their fingers on the pulse. Our team constantly looks for new trends worldwide and tries to do their best to satisfy its customers. That's why our shoppers have the chance to buy the merchandise of the latest trends before others. Close Up get a great value on customer's satisfaction. A fair price, professional handling and punctuality in delivery are, of course, our means to reach it.
Our staff is made up of 60 highly motivated workers. Each of them bring in their individual skills and interests. The fun factor is very important and every person that works with us feels it.

Our product range

Unser Sortiment
It all startet with posters. Posters are our strenghth. Posters have always been our passion, today as much as yesterday. We turn out over 3400 poster subjects in different formats: mini, small, big and XXL posters, vertical posters, door posters, 3-D posters, photographic wallpapers, linen and wood prints. Our vast repertoire includes representations of both the latest and the classical cult movies, of tv series, stars, comic charachters, cars, science fiction and also landscape and city pictures, illusion and motivational posters, as well as art prints.

Fan Items
Close Up is the fan shop no. 1 in Germany. Our fan items make the hearts of fans beat faster! We have mugs, jewellery, keyrings, figures, stationery supplies, doormats, bags, watches and much more for a cheap price. We offer a wide range of merchandise items of current tv series, films and cult movies. You can find here anything about the most famous series as Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead or The Big Bang Theory. We offer a wide spectrum of items for comics lovers, particularly fans of the heroes of the Marvel and the DC Universe. Video-game players find a vast assortment of items of Zelda, Minecraft, Pacman and much more.

Our assortment includes more than 400 t-shirt subjects from movies, tv, cult, games, comics and fun. Regardless of whether stylish girl, cool man or provocative quote t-shirts: our designs are eye-catchers! Besides we offer items of trend marks as Jack Daniel's or VW-Bulli.

Gadgets & Trend Items

Fancy gift ideas and gift-sets bring our assortment to perfection. Pretty pillows, printed bedlinen, original umbrellas, special pizza cutters, jolly bowls, funny gadgets and also many other stuff and original ideas for cool parties. Our gigantic assortment offers something foreveryone.

Private customer-webshop

Private customer-webshop
The private customer-webshop offers the maximum up-to-dateness. New articles come almost everyday. By means of an elaborated search system you can choose between 8.000 articles. Our developed shop system offers many ways to order easily and comfortably. You can check the aviability of products anytime.

A personal and professional customer contact is very important to us. You can reach us by telephone from monday to friday from 9.00 am to 6.00 pm.

Sales platforms
In order to reach more customers, we place our merchandise in different selling platforms.

Diamantis Tasidis


External service
Our trading partner has our external-service-team and our sale's team on his side. We guarantee individual consulting and support for the POS through a qualified team of commercial agents that are very well acquainted with the needs of our customers.

We offer in addition at a special online-shop for our commercial customers. You will find a simple structured article-search-system, our newest products, offers and sales. Delivery time and availability can be checked anytime by means of the Live-checks. Among our customers count many chain stores as comics-dealer, cinema shops, trend shops and music stores.

POS-Selling system
Our selling systems offer to our commercial customers a plenty of shop displays for the most different situations. The choice ranges from valuable poster-displays to action-displays that will give you the chance to recreate the best atmosphere. Every commercial customer has the possibility to choose the best equipping by himself, according to his needs and his setting. Corresponding lists make the re-orders as easy as a pie. For an individual consulting are our experienced co-workers on-site at your disposal.

Andreas Schickler
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We present in the Close Up shops a wide range of products. The shops are a meeting point for cineastes, collectors, insiders and curiosity-seekers. All the articles that can be shipped are also available on site: you can order and pick them in one of our shops. With their wide range of choice on posters and gift ideas, the Close Up shops are customer magnets in the downtown of Stuttgart, Heidelberg, Bonn, Köln, Leipzig und Berlin.

Gabi Transier

Poster selling to universities
Our poster displays are memorable. In the manner of a varnishing day, we show the student a variety of outstanding posters and prints from the field of education, arts, films, music and photography. These "exhibits", consisting of big boards in their original format, can be exposed in the Aula Magna or in the canteen of the universities. The selling of the posters & the prints takes place directly on-site.

Patrik Riess
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