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In the seasonal section of the Web-shop we have quite diverse products changing, depending on the time of the year or upcoming events such as Valentinesday Halloween or Christmas. 
For Halloween for example, there are numerous horror items such as masks, costumes, make-up utensils, toy weapons, hats and many other gimmicks. Popular Halloween items are: Vendetta masks, our syringe pen, fluorescent glasses, Scream Voice Changer, bunny ears, fake blood, various high-quality contact lenses, vampire teeth, masks, costumes and so on. 
During Christmas you can find a number of Christmas cards, various textiles such as the Santa Claus hat, or countless gift ideas for the cold season, for example, the Sheepworld Cookie Mould, the Sheepworld gift book and useful, creative ideas like the Nightmare before Christmas Christmas Tree Decoration. 
Also we have a large product variety for Valentine's Day such as the schleckbare Body and Paint, heart cake mould, the love coupon book, gift Rose petals, love spring for gentle pats, the Love box, the eggs pan in heart shape etc.
Stressfully searching for a gift now belongs to the past!
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