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Prenatal Quotes Poster in Turkish

Product number: G877465

Prenatal Quotes Poster in Turkish

Turkish language version DIN A1

Irritation: The almost boundless sea of classic parental sayings disturbs and stimulates

Knowledge: The text is instructive for families with children of all ages and of course for all educators.

Guide: Adults can be educated with the poster. Works without comment.

Eye-catcher: The red poster is an eye-catcher - especially for parents' houses, kindergartens, schools and youth welfare offices.

Gift: It is THE gift for the birth of grandchildren and neighbor children.

Questions: Which saying fits me best? Which one is most effective? Which one should be forbidden? Who manages to avoid them all? Which saying is missing?

Recommendation: The poster should be hung in such a way that several people can stand in front of it and discuss.

World: Also available in other languages, collected in the respective culture by native speakers. Unfortunately, we are not alone.

The poster pleads for dignified interaction between children and adults. The children's rights motto is: Equal rights between generations! The parental sayings illustrate typical situations in which children are treated in a degrading and undignified manner by adults. The large quantity and arrangement written away one after the other without dot and comma makes the viewer and reader "sink" like in a boundless sea. He feels "slain" and begins to think and rethink. The bright red, eye-catching poster in the hallway or office tempts to look and amuses at first. At the same time, it reminds the viewer of his childhood or he thinks of the children entrusted to his care. Then, quite unexpectedly, parents, educators and teachers talk about basic educational questions. The poster needs no explanation - many people look at it again and again and hardly forget to read it.

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